The Institute of Management Systems

Company Profile
The Institute of Management Systems is located at Nicosia and was founded in 2003. The aims of the organization is to assist the growth and organization of companies in the local and world market through international management systems that administrate information such as ISO 9001 but through other systems as well. more..
Our Philosophy
Our philosophy substantially is based on building systems around the company. We believe that the actions that are taken should be conditioned under a systematic way – method so as to ensure that the time, labour and the money are invested in a proper way in the enterprises. more..
Our Mission
Our Mission is to Design, Create and Implement Management Systems To organizations that operate in the private, government and semi government sector, regardless if their target is profit or non profit. more..
Who Is ZaKa..
He is one of our consultants. Of course he is a virtual consultant.
He was hired to our company at September, 2010.
His mission is to help TIMS to succeed its vision.. more..